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Watch me Whip, Watch me Randonee-nae

Edgewater, Colorado | United States | 120 mi
  • 8:57
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Ride Story

In 2017 Yawp! will be offering it's first Randonee-nae. It will occur on Saturday, May 13th. We'll adhere to rules of a Randonee; there will be controls (dance breaks), there will be a minimum and maximum speed, and we will ride a minimum of 200 kilometers. A Randonee is not a race; riders strive to finish a course within a specified time, and receive equal recognition regardless of finishing order. Riders can ride alone or in groups, and are expected to be self-sufficient. With that said, keep in mind that a randonee is kind of like an arctic exploration; the goal isn't to be the first one to return, but to do what you can to make sure everyone on the exploration makes it back. You aren't responsible for anyone else, but it'd be real swell if you helped a fellow in need. Therefore, please plan to remain at the finish line until 8:30pm to cheer on everyone who completes the Randonee-nae. If snow or severe rain is forecast, we'll try to reschedule. We want to ride this ride, but the bike shop gets wildly busy in the summer (or let's hope it will), and we can't promise that our schedule will accommodate a rain date. We bring all of this up to say that whether the ride does or does not occur as scheduled, we'll be donating your entry fee to charity regardless. If you download and print the waiver on this page and fill it out ahead of time, that's one less thing you'll have to do before 7am on Saturday the 13th. This is a self-supported ride. There will be 3ish controls, and there may or may not be bananas there. Plan like there will be no bananas. There will be an entry fee of $15, which will be donated to a charity (TBA). You will receive a finisher's prize. RANDONEE-NAE FAQ Q: Will the course be marked? A: You can use the mobile Blackriver app or download the .gpx file and use whatever kind of GPS device you want. If you're having trouble getting the file, let us know and we'll make sure you get whatever you need. Blackriver also gives us the ability to print out handsome cue sheets, which you can carry with you. There won't be any markings/signs/chalk on the course, however. Q: Will there be a drop bag service? A: To be compliant with rules of randonneuring, there will be controls. We are working hard to make these controls fun, but at the very least they will be convenience stores where you'll be able to resupply with Gatorade and Hot Cheetos. Controls will be marked on Blackriver as "points of interest." Q: What if I start but decide I can't finish? A: We understand that a variety of things can happen out there, from mechanicals to illness. If you need to abandon the ride, at the very least please send a text message to the bike shop so that we know what happened to you. There is no sag wagon. Q: How long do I have to finish the ride? A: You have 13.5 hours, which will be 8:30pm. Q: Why would I do this? A: Anyone who rides 200km is given the title of "Randonneur." They carry that title for life! Who wouldn't want that? Also, because bikes, beer, etc. Q: Did you say beer? A: Yes. Yes we did. If you finish the Randonee-nae, you may have a beer.

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2521 Sheridan Blvd.
Edgewater, CO
$ 15.00
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